Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kit Kat Marble cake Ice cream vanilla and Caramel candy

Kit Kat Marble cake Ice cream vanilla and Caramel candy
Step by Step

# Big Kit Kat bar
Round metal mold
plastic wrap
Vanilla ice cream or your favorite
Rolo minis
Round Pan 8 "vanilla / chocolate

1. Cut the bread into two and place a part on the surface of the metal mold used.

2. CUT kit Kat bars in pairs and place them around the spring form pan

  3. Put a layer of pastry cream bars to hold and protect the surface of the mold to not watered ice cream when put.
4. Place two or three layers of vanilla ice cream or your favorite.

  5. Stir in candy buttons (Rolo minis)
6. Usually they fill put the second layer of vanilla cake / chocolate until completely covered with ice remaining height.
Add cake
7. Cover well the model and its sides with two or three layers of plastic adhesive.
  8. When it is well covered with plastic, send to the freezer for 4 hours or an entire day, until well chilled.

Enjoy it! :) :) Happy Day
Photos: Creatividades Latinas,  taken by January 2013

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  1. Kit Kat Marble Cake Ice Cream Vanilla is just one of the healthy and easy desserts you can make for dinner.