Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ice cream soda

Did you know the first ice cream soda
 was invented in 1874 in Philadelphia, PA.
Snow White
A Snow White is made with 7 Up or Sprite and vanilla ice cream.
The origin of this variation is unknown, but it is found in some Asian eateries.
Purple cow
In the context of ice cream soda, a purple cow is vanilla ice cream in purple grape soda. The Purple Cow, a restaurant chain in the southern United States, features this and similar beverages. In a more general context, a purple cow may refer to a non-carbonated grape juice and vanilla ice cream combination.
Sherbet cooler
The Friendly's chain also had a variation known as a "sherbet cooler," which was a combination of orange or watermelon sherbet, vanilla syrup and seltzer water. (Presently, it is billed as a "slammer".)
Vaca Preta
In Brazil, an ice cream soda made by combining vanilla ice cream and coca-cola is called a vaca preta or black cow.
Vaca Dourada
In Brazil, a vaca dourada or golden cow is an ice cream soda combination of vanilla ice cream and guarana soda.
Orange Float (or Orange Whip)
An orange float consist of vanilla ice cream and orange soda.

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