Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Americana Cake Pops

Cake Pops

Hi all.
  I just want to tell you that today are super trendy these balls made ​​of cake called, Cake Pops.
Many people have asked me I can do with these cakes or cakes that remain after a party ... to answer the question I would say that these balls are perfect decorated and are created with crumbs of bread.
A creative way to use and not waste the extra cakes and pastries that you are after a party you can create these extraordinary cake pops.  

Cake Pops is a very recent phenomenon.
Bakerella is Queen of Cake Pops, and if you have not visited or seen Bakerella.com his new book, I recommend you do so.

Creatividades Latinas will teach you an easy, and the tutorial Basic Cake Pops Here's a look if you're interested ... www.creatividadeslatinas.blogspot.com/

Of all the designs that have been made with the Pops cake that I like is to create a rose so I present to my students did in the studio of creatives.

Here I show that we did to celebrate the 4th july.
Creados por Evelia R. en CL

For inspiration and ideas, I recommend you visit these sites:


CakePops creados en los talleres de Creatividadeslatinas./Foto esclusividad de CLIcreatividadeslatinas@yahoo.com/ 2012

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